SAM Assembly 22 Los Angeles - August 2012
"This was a great lecture, full of information and performance advice using some very entertaining props and materials. " Steven L. Jennings


Mark Kandel, IBM 22
"The inimitable Martin Lewis was one heckova lecture. Martin served up great magic, huge laughs and wonderful insights. Martin's miniature card rise garnered a spontaneous "Oh, my God!" gasp from one of the guys - yes, it was that good, we had a ball!"


Frank Dudgeon, IBM 122
"And there was the pleasure of seeing a skilled performer use his subtle wit and years of experience to entertain and instruct us all. Martin Lewis considerable reputation preceded him and he delivered big time."


Earl Reum, SAM 37
"The man is stupendous! We laughed and enjoyed and learned and added to our own personal philosophies of magic. Martin's explanations are clear, simple and knowledgeable. The Society of American Magicians, Assembly 37, had the time of our lives!"


Rich Bloch (Collectors Workshop "World Magic Summit")
"I can't tell you how pleased I was, both as an organizer and as an audience member, with your extraordinary efforts. The stage show set precisely the right tone and your lectures and close up presentations were superb."


David Sandy (WORKSHOP conventions)
"Now that I've had a little time to absorb the feedback from the surveys, I am impressed with what I see. WORKSHOP participants indicated that your material was not only very educational, but also much needed. You did a fabulous job as emcee of Saturday evenings stage show... you are certainly one of the best!"


Donald Bevan (Abracadabra-Magazine)
"If you get a chance, see the lecture. Martin is instructive and entertaining with a friendly personality. You'll enjoy him, I'm sure. I certainly did."


Brian Sibley MAGIC CIRCULAR (London Magic Circle)
"In Martin's effortless style he offered us deft demonstrations (followed by explanations that were easy on the brain) and an engaging sense of humor that ranged from smart witticisms to outrageous puns."


Maurizio Mancini, IBM Ring No 223, Milano, Italy.
"We had the honor to assist in the lecture of Martin Lewis, one of the great magical inventors. We spent two unforgettable hours with many visual and amazing effects."


David Prouty, TAOM Texas
"Martin Lewis blew everyone away with his ingenious creativity and humor."


Dick Christian, Washington, DC
"If his schedule brings him anywhere near you, his lecture is not to be missed. All good highly workable material, thoroughly explained. One of the few I've attended that was well worth making myself unavailable to a paid engagement to attend."


Joe Fields, Secretary SAM 194
"Martin Lewis is the ultimate professional and he has the credentials to back it up."


Byron Ferguson, IBM 250
"Each effect provided absolutely stunning magic and entertainment!"


Bruce Barnett, SAM 24, Albany NY
"Last Monday Martin Lewis lectured to our assembly. It's not often that you have a lecture that featured three effects featured on prime time TV by the most famous magicians in the world. I think that qualifies for the understatement of the year. If you prefer, I can drop an anvil on your foot."


John Patterson, IBM 308 Searcy, AR
"Martin Lewis did another fantastic job. We had our largest crowd ever due to his reputation and Martin did not disappoint them. Martins graceful, beautiful and professional presentations are what we should all strive to achieve. His ability to teach effects and theory at the same time while continually entertaining everyone are what makes him one of the top magicians today."


Nick Orlando, IBM 55, Phoenix, AZ
"In brief, Martin is the consummate gentleman. Lecturing to a full room, he managed to delight and entertain magicians (and YOU know how hard THAT can be) for almost two full hours. In all seriousness, it is easy to write a good review for this lecture."


Magic Live 2015 Reviews:

"Thank you for a wonderful lecture at Magic Live. Thank you so much for your willingness to  share your vast expertise and wisdom in magic and creativity with us, I appreciate it greatly."

Victoria Skye


"What Martin Lewis does with Coffee will definitely be making its way into my show. Great Lecture !"

Christopher Karpiak


"I like the way this guy thinks !" 

Michael Trixx


“I’ve heard nothing but good things, which comes as no surprise. Perfect !

Stan Allen


The list continues with good comments from Steve Burton, (2 appearances at TAOM), Mike Maxwell, (for multiple appearances at A1 Multimedia Convention at the Capitol,) The Magic Castle Hollywood etc.